Bangkok, Thailand


Wat Phra Chetuphon (Grand Palace)



Wat Pho (The Reclining Buddha)



The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha (Grand Palace)


wat arun

Wat Arun (sorry about the photo’s resolution.)



Thai Authentic Mik Tea

It is everyone’s must try! You can see it anywhere so no need to worry. *winks*

💋 💋 💋

Bangkok, Thailand – What our day was composed of, temple visits!

One the most amazing things Thailand could show off with the tourists are their amazing temples or what they called “WAT” (meaning ‘temple’). The structures blew my mind off and found myself appreciating those hands who all made these. From its very unique and concrete details, you too would probably feel what I’ve felt that day.

Aside from their temples, their local dishes are worth indulging for. I fell in love for Bangkok the second time around. And it was indeed, sweeter. Will never get tired of going back.

Photos by M

💋 💋 💋

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