Knowing Macau for its very unpredictable weather everyday in every season, I can’t say that Winter season here is one of my favourites. More like my “sometimes” favourite. Here’s why: First, I love it when it’s cold and sunny. It’s just so perfect; Second, I hate it when it’s rainy because it is extremely crazy cold; Third, layering clothes sometimes consumes much of my time depending how cold it is outside; And my favourite part is when I get to wear my coats, scarves, boots.. I can be stylish all day, even when I just have to do my groceries on a day off.

Apparently, what I was wearing were mostly from the small boutiques in Gongbei Zhuhai, China. But hey, sometimes they sell unique pieces way better than those we usually see on famous clothing shops. Just keep an eye on what piece/style you’re looking for, be patient, and sail on! You know, sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you wear all branded clothes. What’s more important is when you know how to pull off a style, you are confident and comfortable with what you are wearing, and above all you feel great about yourself. At the end of the day, it is your style that will shine not the brands.

Heads up, dear! You’re not alone.

What I wear: Coat and scarf from boutiques in ChinaBlack suede boots from Janilyn Shoes, a brand that produces stylish shoes in the Philippines. One of my all time favourite boots. I kept on buying them since then. This is actually my third pair to date.

Location: Studio City Macau

Photo by Anya Guinto

💋 💋 💋


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