Hong Kong

Hong Kong – one the most visited places in Asia , also known for its great skylines. I haven’t seen much of Hong Kong but I love this place. Everything that you need for unwinding, I think is here. From the amusement parks, malls, to bars, good restaurants, shopping, all is here.

A one-hour ferry ride to Hong Kong is not bad at all (for like me who’s living in Macau). I’ve been a fan of staycations, so I’ve tried checking-in in some of the hotels here as well. And whenever I feel like eating some random food or trying out new restaurants, I can just go and sail to Hong Kong, as ferry tickets are not quite expensive.

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These are some of the known destinations I’ve been by far:

image1 (1)

Sky Terrace, The Peak

The Peak – One of my fave destinations. A very attractive place to visit. Lots of activities you can enjoy to. Madame Tussauds, the largest wax museum, is  also located here.

image2 (1)

The Avenue Of The Starts

Victoria Harbour – Here is where you can find The Avenue of the Stars – I suggest not to go here noon time of summer, it will seriously burn your skin. Or might as well put some sunscreen if you really want to or visit at around afternoon for great sunset. Also, watch out for the largest lighting and music show in the world, “A Symphony Of Lights” also located here.


Deck and Beer’s Lychee Martini

Deck and Beer – Quench your thirst after minutes of walking in The Avenue of the Stars. A small bar waiting for you at the end of the stretch. (There’s also a Starbucks beside it for those who loves coffee like me!)


Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland – Brings out the kid in you! Nothing more to say.


Ocean Park Hong Kong



Sea Lion Show

Ocean Park Hong Kong – one of the best marine amusement parks. Too cool for everyone! Not just fishes, there are also extreme rides. Don’t miss riding a cable car!

Can’t just wait to have another adventure and explore more of HongKong.

Photos by “M

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