You can never go wrong with “basics.”

It’s just one of my favourite outfits, or I also called the lazy outfit. But who would’ve thought that a lazy outfit could be so much better than life. You know sometimes, LESS IS MORE.

Just want to share with you how I pull off my own “basic” OOTD | Grab a top, plain black or a plain white would be perfect (love these colours), a pants, shorts, or whatever you have in the closet, and a white pair of shoes will perfect the definition. Don’t be afraid to paint some colours or printed stuff in the outfit, grab something that will compliment its over all look.

Aaaand off you go!

P.S. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with what you are wearing. It’s the key! ♥

What I wear: Top from H&M, Pants from Mango, Shoes from Stradivarius, Jacket from Bershka

Location: Galaxy Macau

Photo by Anya Guinto

💋 💋 💋


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