Gum “Jeng”

Who. Doesn’t. Love. Matcha? 

Hong Kong – I mean, who doesn’t love it? Matcha? No problem.. Gum “Jeng” has what it takes to satisfy your matcha dessert cravings!

Expect a  full house of matcha desserts. From dry desserts to liquids. Here are some of the desserts we ordered:


Matcha Sticky Rice Cake

Matcha Sticky Rice Cake was a bit of a surprise. One fine delicacy smoothens your palate when you get to try this. We got two flavours (matcha and hokkaido) both comes with a dip.


Matcha Ice Cream Platter

This ice cream platter was tremendous! I love the sense of each toppings (red bean, sticky rice balls, matcha jelly) were set aside, you get to taste them individually. Mixing all of them together is not a problem, It’s in your own style of eating it.

We ordered their matcha creme brulee as well (as shown on the cover photo, sorry for that), it didn’t appeal my taste as much of the first two above. I don’t know, maybe its creaminess doesn’t  match the flavor of the matcha, or am I too full that I almost lose my sense of taste.

However, I find the place quite small, with a number of customers visiting them everyday, I think it is time for some expansion. And foodies like us need more space because everyone wants a try.

Matcha gonna do with the dessert?

Go, visit them!

Photos by M.

💋 💋 💋


Gum “Jeng”

Address: 13th Kwong Wah Street, Kowloon Shop 4-5th, Kwong Fai mansion, Hong Kong

+852 24486738


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