The Ritz-Carlton Café

The Ritz-Carlton Café

Macau– It is time yet again for another tea set bonding with friends. Located inside Galaxy Macau’s Promenade, The Ritz-Carlton Cafe is one of the cosiest cafes in town. With its very stylish style, so classy, and so French! You know you’ll have a good time.

Having an afternoon tea set with friends is one of my favourite after-work pastimes.

Upon entering the cafe, a staff greeted us with a huge smile, leading us to our seats. We went in the restaurant with our orders a bit prepared (this is funny) so we just tell them directly what our order was (no need for the menu).

What we had was the limited edition Godiva Afternoon Tea Set. As per one of their supervisors, their tea set changes constantly, which I find very brilliant! She also added, they have a lot of returning guests, so ordering the same thing over again would probably worn some palates off. So, I say yes to that!

image2 (1)

Godiva Afternoon Tea Set

For this afternoon tea set, Godiva chocolatier sponsored the cafe in celebration of Godiva’s anniversary. That’s why it was named after them. The set was a variety of pastries, tarts, and chocolates. Everything tastes so good!


Cafe Latte

I ordered a Cafe Latte, I was shocked when it was served because the cup’s so huge! Didn’t expect that, though.


Muffin Trolley

They also have a muffin trolley outside the cafe. Gorgeous muffins trying to seduce you..


Blueberry Muffin

And it worked! We tried this Blueberry Muffin, and it was so good! Again, I don’t eat blueberries so you have to believe me when I say it.

(You can also get those muffins in a buy one get one treat after 6pm daily. So, why not treat yourself some or share it with your friends.)



This Clubhouse wasn’t on our list but it came. Another surprise from Chef Rafael. Yes, we were able to meet the head chef! (xx) 


Tim Leatherborrow

While indulging ourselves with our food, a man named Tim Leatherborrow approached us, asking if we wanted some hand painted caricature of ourselves on the spot! Despite of his condition, he wasn’t feeling well at that time, he still stood there with us doing what he really love. It is so inspiring for someone like Tim, who’s really passionate of doing something despite the situation to show love to people who appreciates his talent. Not to mention, he’s a lefty too! Yey to lefties!


Joana and I’s Caricature

My friend Joana and I’s caricature made by the very talented lefty, Tim! Thanks so much for this.

While preparing ourselves for bill out, the Manager named Maria approached us and said that they have something for us, at her back was one of their staff holding a dessert plate and surprise!!! It was a “Chocolate Surprise” dessert prepared for us from again, Chef Rafael. Thank you, Chef!

Prepared a video for that, but my blog doesn’t support videos, too bad. Good thing, print screen and slideshow were invented. (haha!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This place was full of surprises! Pay a visit and experience it yourself. You’d definitely love the vibe!

Photos by M

💋 💋 💋


The Ritz-Carlton Café

Address: G/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Macau

+853 8886 6868


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