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Macau– I’ve realised that I haven’t said much of my ABOUT page so here it is. What I am gonna talk about here is basically the outfit. It was summertime when we had this staycation. Who am I when going on a travel.

I always make sure that I am photoshoot ready. The vibe, outfit, poses, I make sure that they go along with each other so I’d create a picturesque profile.

It’s kinda fun for me doing poses in a camera, since I did these back when I still do modelling. Since it is more of a fun shoot, I just played around with the poses.


The outfit is super comfortable especially with this kind of weather. I wore a loose top and a skirt so the air won’t stop swinging from my body (’cause I get to sweat easily.) Flats were very convenient on my feet, too. And this hat gives some joyful presence on the whole look. Colour blocking isn’t actually my thing since I am more on the basic side. But it’s fun doing it sometimes.

What I wear: Top and Armbands from Forever21 | Skirt and Shoes from Bershka | Sunglasses from Retro Super Future | Orange Hat from Daiso

Location: Banyan Tree Macau

Photos by Anya Guinto

💋 💋 💋


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