Kim’s Food Korea Cafe


Macau– Craving for some Korean fried chicken? This place is the place-to-be. Known for its classic and unique taste of Korean fried chicken, Kim’s Food restaurant will give you a hint of what a chicken should tastes like.

I know you’re in  Macau, but if you happen to be around the area, this place is a must visit. Trust me. 

It wasn’t my first time to try Korean food but this restaurant gave my palate such an awesome experience. I thought their cuisine was beyond delectable.

Love at first taste, indeed. ❤


image1 (2)

The place, from its tagline “Stylish Korean Cafe & Bar,”  is indeed stylish, with Korean songs playing in the background, its interior is more like a lighter version of a pub for me with some wall art on it. Though the place is quite small and they do have a lot of customers, sometimes you have to wait outside for your turn. But it’s okay, it’s gonna be worth it. 

I love everything that we ordered, which also happened to be an instant favourites.

What we had..


Honey Garlic Chicken

My personal favourite! I love how crunchy it is on the outside yet juicy on the inside, perfectly cooked with a very distinctive taste, it is so flavourful. It’s just so addicting..


Braised Beef Short Ribs with Sweet Green Pumpkin

Two of my most favourite ingredients in one plate. So much respect for this dish. It just gave the pumpkin and the beef some justice. Drooling as fudge.


Pear Cider Rita and Guava Rita

This upside down drink made me wonder why it isn’t overflowing. I would really appreciate it if someone can explain it to me. Thanks. Haha! Anyhow, these alcoholic drinks taste really good, you’d might forget that they’re alcoholic and next thing you know you’re already having a good time.Not to mention, they do serve flavoured beers as well. Cheers!


Seafood Jap Chae

There’s a story behind this dish, here it is: We were surprised when what we didn’t order was served to us. Coming from a very generous manager of Kim’s Food Korea Cafe, this dish was for FREE. Yes, for free! For some reason, we really don’t know what exactly happened from what they’re trying to explain, they said one of our dishes were not cooked the way it was supposed to be cooked, that’s why they gave us this for free. It’s more like an apology treat. Leaving us puzzled, we just accepted it and we kept on saying “it’s okay” even when we didn’t understand what they’re sorry for. But I find the gesture very pleasant. For them to know and take their own mistake and did something immediately was commendable.

Staffs were very friendly and accommodating, too. I’d always love to visit them again and again..

Late night cravings? No problem. They’re open from 18:00 to 03:00. Yeah?

Photos by M

💋 💋 💋


Kim’s Food Korea Cafe

Address: Rua De Braganca Taipa Ilhas, Macau



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