You can never go wrong with “basics.” It’s just one of my favourite outfits, or I also called the lazy outfit. But who would’ve thought that a lazy outfit could be so much better than life. You know sometimes, LESS IS … Continue reading

Gum “Jeng”

Who. Doesn’t. Love. Matcha?  Hong Kong – I mean, who doesn’t love it? Matcha? No problem.. Gum “Jeng” has what it takes to satisfy your matcha dessert cravings! Expect a  full house of matcha desserts. From dry desserts to liquids. … Continue reading


De-stressing time! Going to chill bars after a long day at work is nothing but pure relaxation. One of many things that I love to do is to have a good conversation with my favourite people over a good drink. … Continue reading

Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar

Hong Kong – Just came across with this restaurant while walking around the central part of Hong Kong. Its interior actually caught my attention (yes, interiors do matter to me.) and their brick oven pizza. Without any hesitations, we gave … Continue reading


What I love about Spring, aside from its adorable weather, I can be fashionable in any time of the day. I don’t usually go over board about fashion, I am more of “what makes me comfy all day.” What I … Continue reading

Ramen Dreams

Taipa, Macau – Right in the corner of somewhere, me being a foodie has gone a little bit far. Seems like I’d take any roads to get there. Ramen, it was my first time to have ramen, please don’t judge. … Continue reading

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – one the most visited places in Asia , also known for its great skylines. I haven’t seen much of Hong Kong but I love this place. Everything that you need for unwinding, I think is here. From … Continue reading

When M Speaks

 A Filipina lifestyle enthusiast, who’s bringing all her daydreams into reality. Her form of being a minimalist makes life easier for her. Just like those fashion junkies, travel lovers, food hoarders, M is basically one of them. Uttering words in … Continue reading


  Knowing Macau for its very unpredictable weather everyday in every season, I can’t say that Winter season here is one of my favourites. More like my “sometimes” favourite. Here’s why: First, I love it when it’s cold and sunny. … Continue reading