(2016 when I started publishing posts here on my webpage. I stopped for a thought that I cannot write anymore. My mind and my eagerness to write has come to an end. Everything went rough. This year, I talked to myself. I will do it again until my mind and my heart find their way back to me, and perhaps we can work on this again, together.)

Forgive Thyself

Restoration Of Good Relationships

Good Health

Growth In All Aspects Of Life


are some of the items that I cannot wait to tick off for this year.

The excitement inside me, I can no longer keep

and with that, I am ready.


Cafe Novo Kokoro

Cafe Novo Kokoro Taipa, Macau – I’ve been looking forward to dine here in Cafe Novo Kokoro, and due to my friend and I’s randomness, finally it happened! It is a western and korean cuisine combined. One of the things … Continue reading

Hong Kong | Travel Journal

Our Hong Kong Travel Journal is now up on Youtube! Tap link below to watch. Enjoy!  ❤ HONG KONG | Travel Journal Video by M   

MACAU | Travel Journal

TRAVEL VIDEO JOURNAL ALERT! Made our first ever TRAVEL JOURNAL on Youtube! Resolution’s a bit low, tho. But hope you enjoy it!  ❤ Link below. MACAU | Travel Journal Video by M 💋 💋 💋

Know more: ABOUT page

Macau– I’ve realised that I haven’t said much of my ABOUT page so here it is. What I am gonna talk about here is basically the outfit. It was summertime when we had this staycation. Who am I when going … Continue reading

The Ritz-Carlton Café

The Ritz-Carlton Café Macau– It is time yet again for another tea set bonding with friends. Located inside Galaxy Macau’s Promenade, The Ritz-Carlton Cafe is one of the cosiest cafes in town. With its very stylish style, so classy, and so … Continue reading

The Spaghetti House

The Spaghetti House Macau– Craving for some good American pasta? Located inside Galaxy Macau, an American cuisine restaurant with a very reasonable price. Perfect for everyone. I personally love dining here because this place is kind of our spot every time … Continue reading

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon Hong Kong – I sometimes go beyond what this “foodie” life could offer. Yes, I do love fancy stuff too (well mostly on food). I kind of discover it myself when someone invited me for … Continue reading


You can never go wrong with “basics.” It’s just one of my favourite outfits, or I also called the lazy outfit. But who would’ve thought that a lazy outfit could be so much better than life. You know sometimes, LESS IS … Continue reading

Gum “Jeng”

Who. Doesn’t. Love. Matcha?  Hong Kong – I mean, who doesn’t love it? Matcha? No problem.. Gum “Jeng” has what it takes to satisfy your matcha dessert cravings! Expect a  full house of matcha desserts. From dry desserts to liquids. … Continue reading