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Macau– I’ve realised that I haven’t said much of my ABOUT page so here it is. What I am gonna talk about here is basically the outfit. It was summertime when we had this staycation. Who am I when going … Continue reading

The Ritz-Carlton Café

The Ritz-Carlton Café Macau– It is time yet again for another tea set bonding with friends. Located inside Galaxy Macau’s Promenade, The Ritz-Carlton Cafe is one of the cosiest cafes in town. With its very stylish style, so classy, and so … Continue reading


You can never go wrong with “basics.” It’s just one of my favourite outfits, or I also called the lazy outfit. But who would’ve thought that a lazy outfit could be so much better than life. You know sometimes, LESS IS … Continue reading

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – one the most visited places in Asia , also known for its great skylines. I haven’t seen much of Hong Kong but I love this place. Everything that you need for unwinding, I think is here. From … Continue reading


  Knowing Macau for its very unpredictable weather everyday in every season, I can’t say that Winter season here is one of my favourites. More like my “sometimes” favourite. Here’s why: First, I love it when it’s cold and sunny. … Continue reading

Retro Vibe

Retro Vibe It is so timing when my top matches Broadway Macau‘s retro vibe walkway. In a very light and comfortable clothes I wear, I can walk through every possible way without feeling conscious. See how important it is to … Continue reading

Tighten Up

Tighten Up Create some fresh look with your polo shirt by tightening all of its button up until its last hole. It won’t strangle you, trust me. Or just lift up those collars and woolah! You’re welcome. xx What I … Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand

        It is everyone’s must try! You can see it anywhere so no need to worry. *winks*    Bangkok, Thailand – What our day was composed of, temple visits! One the most amazing things Thailand could show … Continue reading