Cinnebar, Wynn Macau

De-stressing time! Going to chill bars after a long day at work is nothing but pure relaxation. One of many things that I love to do is to have a good conversation with my favourite people over a good drink. Gives me peace of mind, somehow. And this place is such a perfection.

The superb ambiance, the sound of running waters from their small pond, the eargasmic choice of music turn nights free from all the stress you had for the day. Reasonable price for a glass.

This is just one of many places that I’d love going back to every time.


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💋 💋 💋


Cinnebar, Wynn Macau

Address: G/F Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Nape, Macau, China



2 thoughts on “Cinnebar

  1. Wining!! 🙂 Happy for you…. Continue to publish your writing in photos for people to enjoy and inspire. 👏😘🤗


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