Cafe Cheri Taipa

Macau – Cafe Cheri Taipa offers Italian-American fusion cuisine. It is one of the go-to food spots in Taipa. Located in Old Taipa Village which is very easy to find. If you are into interiors and loves to take good … Continue reading

Griddle Steak X Wings

Philippines – Finally, a review to one of my favourite restaurants in Maginhawa St., Quezon City. Griddle Steak  X Wings is one of the top go-to restaurants in town. Aside from its food that will surely makes you drool, to … Continue reading

Early Bird Breakfast Club

Philippines – Early Bird Breakfast Club has become a hype. They serve Filipino-American fusion dish which people loved. I believe Filipinos are really into eating breakfast all throughout the day. This restaurant’s concept has won the hearts of many and … Continue reading

Tomato Kick

Philippines – Tomato Kick has actually two locations, one in Tomas Morato and the other is located in Teacher’s Village, which is near Maginhawa Street (one of the most well-known food streets in Quezon City). Tomato Kick wins most of … Continue reading


(2016 when I started publishing posts here on my webpage. I stopped for a thought that I cannot write anymore. My mind and my eagerness to write has come to an end. Everything went rough. This year, I talked to myself. I will do it again until my mind and my heart find their way back to me, and perhaps we can work on this again, together.)

Forgive Thyself

Restoration Of Good Relationships

Good Health

Growth In All Aspects Of Life


are some of the items that I cannot wait to tick off for this year.

The excitement inside me, I can no longer keep

and with that, I am ready.

Jump it off!

Bungy, perhaps? Macau – It was 18th of December 2016 when I decided to fall – fall with a harness in a 233 meters tall tower (also known as the tallest tower in the world!) For five (5) years of … Continue reading

Cafe Novo Kokoro

Cafe Novo Kokoro Taipa, Macau – I’ve been looking forward to dine here in Cafe Novo Kokoro, and due to my friend and I’s randomness, finally it happened! It is a western and korean cuisine combined. One of the things … Continue reading

Kim’s Food Korea Cafe

Anyeonghaseyo! Macau– Craving for some Korean fried chicken? This place is the place-to-be. Known for its classic and unique taste of Korean fried chicken, Kim’s Food restaurant will give you a hint of what a chicken should tastes like. I … Continue reading

Know more: ABOUT page

Macau– I’ve realised that I haven’t said much of my ABOUT page so here it is. What I am gonna talk about here is basically the outfit. It was summertime when we had this staycation. Who am I when going … Continue reading

LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon

LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon Hong Kong – Robuchon is becoming a favourite. From L’ Atelier to LE CAFÉ, both are giving spectacular dining experiences. LE CAFÉ is a French cafe offering a wide range of cuisine from full course … Continue reading