Savory Crab







💋 💋 💋

Macau, China – Photos shown above is nothing but Savory Crab’s interior. Aside from being a food hoarder, I also love to see every restaurant’s interior. It always thrills the artistic side of me.

The place is so cozy. I love the couches, it makes me feel like a princess. Perfect place for all types of gatherings.

What is more comfy than having dinner while destressing at the same time?

However, what made me the happiest? FOOD!


Mango Shake and Arnold Palmer’s Tea

image1 (1)

Hawaiian Pizza (best eaten when hot, trust me! Before it disappoints you)

image1 (2)

Buffalo Wings (the dip was superb!)

image1 (3)

Western Omelette (super love the potato side dish! tastes brilliant)


image1 (4)

Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

Overall, I had a great time with great people over a scrumptious dinner.

Visit them soon! Worth a try!

Photos by M.

💋 💋 💋


Savory Crab, Macau

Address: No.297-303 Rua de Seng Tou, Nova TaipaMacau, China



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