Ramen Dreams

Taipa, Macau – Right in the corner of somewhere, me being a foodie has gone a little bit far. Seems like I’d take any roads to get there.

Ramen, it was my first time to have ramen, please don’t judge. Tagged along with me was my girlfriend, it took us almost 2hrs walking and looking for the place. It wasn’t easy but it’s worth it, I must say. Ramen! Yes!

💋 💋 💋


I dunno what it is like to other ramen restaurants, but the menu was written plainly in Chinese (#smh) so we ended up getting the “Create Your Own Ramen.” From the title itself, yes you can create your own. There’s this little check list paper or an order form, you just have to fill it up and give directly to the servers. If you have any other requests, let them know.

Right when we got there and settled, they gave us a welcome drink. I honestly thought that it was a tea (from what I’ve experienced every time I visit a Japanese restaurant). I took a sip, and voila! A cup of distilled water (bottomless). At that time, the cup was a bit perfect after a long trail, I just had a bit of expectation on that. But I say yes to distilled water.



What we ordered was I thought the very basic ramen. Since it was my first time, my goal was just to taste a ramen and It didn’t disappoint! It was a good ramen, and I’m actually planning for my second visit soon and try some other variants. The dumpling was pretty good, too.

What also caught my attention from the menu was the “green tea cola.” Even when I don’t drink cola, I must try it next time!


Ramen Dreams

The place is quite small, and I think it’s new. And it is a bit hype as many people are coming and willing to wait outside. Good thing that the restaurant provided chairs for waiting customers. We were  just lucky to have found a seat the moment we arrived. The location ain’t easy to find (unless you go with someone who knows the place)

Visit them for some ramen satisfaction. Recommendable.

Photos by M.

💋 💋 💋


Address: Tv. Lou Fu, Happy Garden I, Taipa, Macau



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