Macau– An Italian restaurant can be found in Venetian Macau. The place was okay,I’m loving the Italian vibe. The view, food, everything compliments well with each other.


Garden Salad with Smoked Duck Breast

To start off, ordered a garden salad with smoked duck breast. A typical Italian garden salad with greens and some vinaigrette topped with smoked duck breast.


Pasta with Lobster in red sauce

This is “the bomb” (a bit pricey tho). I love lobsters so much I didn’t hesitate ordering this one despite the digits. No regrets. Lobsters are life! This. Is. A. Must. Try. Thank me later. *winks*


Hawaiian Pizza

I was kind of disappointed with their Hawaiian Pizza. It didn’t came out the way I expected it to be. The crust was a bit like a thick cracker dough or something. It just didn’t work for me. (Sorry)

Paired all these with a glass of vintage Portuguese wine. I kind of like Portuguese wines than Italian wines because of it’s much fruity flavour taste. Good thing they served it here.

Overall, it’s a great casual dining experience yet again. I was actually with my Mom, I dated her.

Photos by M

💋 💋 💋



Address: Shop 2410, Level 3, Shoppes at Venetian

+853 2882 8080


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